• Anna Matlock

Do what, now?

I've been listening to a lot of podcast lately. Anything from Ben Bergeron (thanks Daddy Matlock), Rise (Rachel Hollis), Trailer Cast (Elyse Snipes), or Super Soul Sunday (Oprah Winfrey) and everything else in between. I'm searching for something, and I think I've found it.

Baby Noah eating us out of house and home

I like to think I've been keeping it all in and tucked in nice and neat just like the bed I make every morning. That totally means you've got it all together, right? But I'm swimming in a fog most of the time. Waking up just in time to make the coffee but not to drink it, nurse the baby, prop him up in front of the tv to make him breakfast, feed the baby, play with the baby, put him down for a nap, ague with my husband, try to catch up cleaning from the night before, stop halfway through a task to get him from his nap, hang out with him, nurse him, make him lunch, feed him, buy groceries for him, and so on and so on. You get the point. If you are a human you may feel like you are always trying to catch up.

Loves to take apart... ANYTHING.

So what gives?! How do you keep it all together? How do you feel at ease or at peace with your circumstances, whatever they may be? There is a common theme in all of these podcast and its you (me). "Can it really be that simple?" I said to myself as I am becoming aware of all the commonalities found in these podcast. Yes and no. It's simple, but possibly the hardest thing I have had to do in my life yet.

I just put this here beacuse he is so cute.

I'm angry because the house is never really clean. I'm sad because I don't feel like my body has really recovered from carrying and delivering a child. I'm lonely because I feel like my husband and I are more distant now than ever. My heart is tired and my soul is struggling to find peace. And before I can begin the life I want to live I have to first accept that my current life IS my life.

This may sound sad and whinny, but bare with me.

As I re-read the paragraph before with a new practice and intention of awareness, perspective, and gratefulness it sounds a little different. Try it with me: I am so happy I get to spend my days with my son chasing him around the messy house. I am grateful for a body that let me carry him to term and deliver him. My husband and I are learning our new relationship and try harder than anyone else and we are doing it together. My heart is busy growing with love and grace for my husband, son, friends, family, and myself. My soul is expanding to new dimensions as I shift my perspective and awareness.

Snappy Photos with Daddy Matlock

Next time you find yourself angry, sad, frustrated, what ever emotion try to reflect in that moment. Remind yourself of all the amazing things this life has to offer. Still having a hard time? Go outside. Find beauty in nature. This is where I find that peace comes easiest. Breathe into it and find a stillness in silence. Clear your mind. Feel the shift in perspective and become aware of the beauty that we have in this life. I'm still learning to do this and have already felt a shift in my awareness.

Be Still.

There is SO much to be grateful for. We're here, aren't we?


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