• Anna Matlock

Raise the Bar

Whats the main dream right now? What is keeping you from pursuing something you've always wanted to pursue? Time? Money? Abilities? You gotta just do it. **Insert controversial Nike meme here** No seriously, just get it done. Find a way to make it yours or someone else will end up doing it. Chances are someone else already is but if you feel strongly about it I'm positive there is a light that you will bring to whatever it may be.

I play piano. Took lessons for 12 years and went to college on a scholarship. Music and I have been a thing before I can even remember and I couldn't image life without it. After finishing college I was going to be a music teacher. But then I got a job at an animal hospital as a kennel assistant. This is the bottom of the totem pole work, y'all, but I loved every bit of it. So fast forward to a education change, a school change, and moving back home with my parents. Yikes!

This time I was going to be a Veterinary Nurse. And I was. I would still consider myself a veterinary nurse but I'm currently not in practice. Now, as you remember, I am a SAHM.

Side note: do you remember first seeing that acronym? I couldn't figure it out for the longest time until I watch the Nextflix series "The Letdown". GO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW, or after you finish here please!!

Anyway, I have been sitting on this little nugget of a #dreamgoal for about 3 years now. What has stopped me you ask? A couple of things: Someone else is already doing it and doing it well. This is how I gained interest in my goal. There is a wife I met in Lemoore who makes it already and has the cutest shop! #sheisgoals . Money is always a hurdle I can't seem to get over, especially when its just for me. Time. In Lemoore I was in the leggings CULTure and selling LuLaRoe. Maybe this was a terrible investment because it didn't work out, but I sure did learn a lot. Circle back to the money hurdle as well, LLR definitely drained my money and time. Commitment, can be terrifying and last but not least, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO IT!!

While all of these sound like great reasons to stop you from pursing a goal that you feel passionate about, an excuse is exactly what it is. Most days and I stop and daydream about making soap and owning my own little shop to sell it and integrate with the crafty community. I'm not entirely sure where this calling came from, but if you are reminded regularly shouldn't you just do it? All the reasons I listed above are stopping a lot of you from just doing it! (Okay Nike, I see you) Take your list of reasons NOT to and turn the into WHY NOT to! Its okay to go chase your dreams! Just take the necessary steps to get there to make sure your #dreamgoal sticks around.

I ordering the tools and supplies to make my first bar of soap. I have no idea if I will enjoy it or even be good at it, but once its completed the voice in my head will either say "eh, this ain't for you girl" or "we gotta do this again". I am prepared for either one because I have tried out this #dreamgoal of mine. Be courageous and do what you love!! Whats yours? When are you starting?


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