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What you get with Salty Soaper

I've been working on some back end tasks and planning while I wait for my supplier to ship and send the products! They are almost here and I am very excited to continue making soap to share with you.

When creating nourishing bath products, the most important ingredient is love. Each product is made with hours of research to insure the product you are taking home is both equally safe and purposeful. Becoming familiar with each individual element and only allowing the least harmful, according to the Environmental Working Group and countless other resources, has been challenging but the reward in knowing you have a safe product at home is priceless. Here at Salty Soaper we want to you feel comfortable in what you bathe, moisturize, and nourish your body in and most importantly create a life where you take care of yourself.

All soaps are made with many components. It is important to understand what goes that you take home and how it may affect you. The largest organ in the body is the SKIN! Anything that is on your skin is absorbed in only 25 seconds. It is really remarkable and alarming at the same time. Knowing what I put on my body is extremely important to me in my everyday life and my business. If I wouldn’t use the product then why would I sell it to you? I’ve been diving deep into the ingredients and even the material safety data sheets to know EXACTLY what each ingredient holds. It is limiting as I can’t always have the brightest colors or the most fun fragrances, but the product that is coming home to you is safe. **

The environment is also important at Salty Soaper and when we use ingredients we like them to be sustainable and biodegradable. Taking care of ourselves includes taking care of our planet, its where we live!!

Continuing to grow and educate myself along this journey is important and I plan to use that knowledge to bring you a progressively superior product.

Here's a couple of important things I want you to remember when you shop with me:

1. What you see is what you get

I want to be as transparent as possible. Every ingredient is listed for you to see and explore yourself. I am only at the beginning of my adventure in safe products and feel open to suggestions!

2. The products are listed as they are

There is nothing to hide.... if you have nothing to hide.

3. If it is taking a while to make a new soap, there is a reason.

It takes about 1 hour to make a new batch of soap. In the grand scheme of things, that is not a lot of time. The most time consuming part of my job now is learning about the components I use and what is in each product. I spend a lot of time researching what goes into the soap, lotion bars, and any other products coming (can't tell you, but there are more coming!!!). I can make the same old soaps but I want to make a progressively superior product and that takes some time. Hours go into research on WHAT to make and then HOW to make. After that I have to find the products and buy them. Everyone does NOT make the same products equally. Its been difficult to balance this as a new soaper and given the time it takes to cure the soap after I make it seems to throw my timing out of wack.

4. I won't use it then I won't sell it.

I've been looking into a new product to introduce to the Salty Soaper line but didn't realize all the nasty ingredients in most of the finished products. I'm not going to use that on my body and i certainly won't sell it to you that way. For any new product I want to make, its taking a while to find just the right ingredients to make a comparable and SAFE product!

5. Learning together is important.

Everyday I learn something new about bath and body products. I've also learned that most of the store bought products have some harmful ingredients. I want to thank you for being patient with me as I learn and provide safe soaps/butters/lotion/new things for you in the future. I want you to be able to trust in the product that you buy and trust in the maker.

I hope you enjoy these little blurbs on specific ingredients and what I do behind the scenes. My goal is to include you in the process as much as possible. So, see ya next time!

**I do not claim to be providing medical advice and with any product out there, safe or not safe, there is always a potential for a reaction for any person. We are all different and that’s what makes us unique. If you notice any rash or irritation then stop use immediately and please let me know.

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