• Anna Matlock

Write it down, make a list!​

If there is anything my mother, sister, and I are good for its making a list! We thrive on productivity and being able to slash a line through that pestering task. Even when the CVS receipt sized list is lingering on my kitchen counter (just like everything else in my house) I know I can go there and start chipping away in a more organized way.

Even weeks have passed and now that I finally have a chance to get back to the never ending list of things to do, I remember what I forgot to do ONLY BECAUSE I wrote it down. THANK YOU JESUS!

Keeping your stuff together is never easy so lets work smarter y'all!

So, what's your thing? How do you keep track of EVERYTHING? Are you a pen and paper human like me? Or do you keep everything in an app or on your phone... like a robot? What ever you do make sure its working for you! Here are a few that keep me sane and make me look like I have it all together!

Journaling Options:


I currently use this one! It has tons of space for notes and breaks it up into weeks. Any goal that I’ve set seems less daunting as its just a week at a time vs. months and months away!!

Start Today -

This is, obviously, the Rachel Hollis version. I have not used this one before but I LOVE that it has a specific place for gratitude. Y’all. Do this…everyday and your life will change!

Self Planner -

This one comes with 6 months of space to plan your life/goals. Its like a regular calendar but it has the space and the questions to set your intentions for the next month and find out what worked best/what did not work best.

Erin Condren Life Planner -

These are a bit pricey but you can customize them any way you like!! I bought this planner back when I first got engaged!! It has so many stickers and places to put things. Its a lot, if you are a "plan with me" type person these are perfect for you. I did use a lot of the space while I was wedding planning, but after that I didn't use it much. I like things a bit simpler.

Here are some quick searches on amazon:

Good Days Start with Gratitude

Fitness and Meal Planner

Soft Cover Spiral Bound

You get the point, right? Go explore and figure out how to make your life just a touch easier and save some brain space for bigger and better things!

*Any of these will do fine, or your favorite calendar works too. Heck, even a paper pad and a pen will work! There are a TON of free templets for calendars, workouts, water drinking etc… on the internet! Find something that works for you and is easy to use. Theres and app for it too I’m sure, but I am a pen and paper girl.

Which journaling options do you like best? Let me know!


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