Matthew is a good ole southern charmer.  We met four scores... just kidding.  But really we met in 2006! Ever since that first night I knew I was going to marry him.  He will have to tell that story!  We've been through it and still work hard every day for our marriage.  He is driven, great on the grill (this is important), and extremely patient with crazy momma bear.


Noah is our favorite person in the house.  He is the light of our family and keeps us smiling all day long!  He is a busy little boy who is constantly moving and keeps us guessing.  First time parents here, but we know he is the coolest kid out there.


Woody is our first baby and there is no other dog like him.  He is chill AF and loves the sunshine.  Jessie is our second and is completely opposite but just as loving.  They are both rescues and both found their homes when Matt was out of town, oops.


This is me and I can't wait to share more with you through this space.  Find me home reading a book with an endless supply of hot coffee because I am a hermit.  No, I'm getting out more since Noah came around!  I love my family for its uniqueness and strength.  Here is the most done-up photo of me on our wedding day.

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