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The Round & Round

I've gone back and forth on actually starting a blog.  Round and round even.  I'm not a "blogger".  I wouldn't even call myself a people person, at this age anyway.  But, as I sit here hurriedly writing down my first thoughts and shoving multiple Lindor chocolates down the hatch in an attempt to get something done before Noah breaks his gaze with the nursery rhymes on tv -insert current life: walks away to check on babbling baby, pops paci back in mouth and give him extra kisses- right, where was I?

Beginning to open up about the triumphs and the difficulties of motherhood may help a fellow mamma out there try not to put so much pressure on herself.  Becoming a mother is the greatest, most exhausting, and most rewarding job I have ever had.  But its not all like the movies (who knew).  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy those precious moments you get when the baby falls asleep on the ride home and once we arrive we park it in the drive way for the duration of the nap to get in a good instagram sesh.  So, here we go again, round and round.

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